Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility

Article 19: ICANN: What does it do? (19 June 2015)

Article 19: Issue Report: ICANN’s Human Rights Responsibilities (19 June 2015)

Session ‘Corporate Responsibility of ICANN to respect human rights. Continuing the conversation on ICANN and human rights’, Wednesday 11 February, 10.30-12, Sophia Room, Singapore

Council of Europe’s report ‘ICANN’s procedures and policies in the light of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democratic values’ (updated October 2014)

Article 19’s Policy Brief ‘ICANN’s Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights’ (released 6 February 2015)

Overview of ICANN’s corporate social responsibility to protect human rights, by Monika Zalnieriute (author of the Council of Europe’s report & the Article 19’s Policy Brief) – slide presentation from ICANN52 session ‘ICANN’s corporate responsibility to respect human rights’

Frequently Asked Questions on human rights & ICANN (coming soon!)