Conferences and Workshops

Civil society webinar on the IANA stewardship transition & the accountability and governance review
Washington, DC: NCUC meets Civil Society to Discuss Current Issues in Internet Governance
NCUC civil society outreach event in Washington, DC, January 14
Policy Conference 2014: “ICANN and Global Internet Governance: The Road to São Paulo, and Beyond”, 21 Mar 2014, Singapore (ICANN 49)
Workshop on “The Debate on ‘Closed’ Generic Top Level Domains”, 17 July 2013, Durban (ICANN 47)
Workshop on “The Challenges of Representing Civil Society in ICANN”, 12 July 2013, Durban (ICANN 47)
Workshop on “One World, One Internet? New gTLDs and Competition in A Changing Global Environment”, 10 April 2013, Beijing (ICANN 46)
Policy Conference 2012: “ICANN and Internet Governance: Security and Freedom in a Connected World”, 14 Oct 2012, Toronto (ICANN 45)
Policy Conference 2011: “Internet Governance and the Global Public Interest”, 11 March 2011, San Francisco (ICANN 40)