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Reflecting on ICANN 56

Reflecting on ICANN 56 by Gangesh Varma The ‘control-of-the-Internet’ rhetoric never lost appeal. The domestic politics in United States particularly from Republican Senators is not a new obstacle to the IANA Transition. The Republican Party Platform for 2016 captures the

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NCUC Outreach at ICANN56 Helsinki

Where: Ravintolapresto, ETELÄESPLANADI 14, 00130 HELSINKI, Website: When: Saturday 25 June 2016 from 18.00 to 21.00 The Non Commercial Users Constituency at ICANN is coming to Helsinki soon and we want to tell you more about it. If you are an NGO

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NCUC Outreach at EuroDIG

When: Thursday, 9 June 2016 What time: Around 6 pm, after the session on Blocking, filtering and take-down of Internet content in Europe ends.  Where: At EuroDIG – Room 211/212 Duration: 5-8 minutes  – You have heard the term multistakeholder governance

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Update on ICANN data protection issues: Will there be enforcement of data protection law in the future?

By Stephanie Perrin Readers of this blog may recall that I blogged in August 2015 on my participation with Monika Zalnieriute at the International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications, in Seoul Korea. I was invited back this year

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By James N Gitau  Inside an ICANN meeting: My experience Having never participated in the ICANN meeting before, I felt as if I was a stranger and most of the times I was reluctant and hardly contributed to any debate, however

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Middle East DNS Forum Tunis 2016: Civil Society Participation and Policy Development within ICANN

By Ines Hfaiedh The community based session moderated by NCUC Chair Rafik Dammak, shed light on Civil Society involvement at ICANN, how they contribute to the Policy Development Process (PDP), and why it is important to have a civil society

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Middle East DNS Forum Tunis 2016: Exposing Reality and Possible Prospects

By Ines Hfaiedh From 04 to 05 May 2016, The Middle East DNS Forum was held in Tunis, Tunisia. The forum was an opportunity to meet and network with the DNS industry’s key players and experts in the field. Participants

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ICANN 55: Evolution of ICANN and the world of Internet Governance

  By Renata Aquino Ribeiro Attending ICANN5 was being a part of a historical moment of change in Internet governance. Also, in a panoramic view of some of the themes brought up in a few sessions, it meant too being

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ICANN 55: how history is being made. Personal impressions.

By Tatiana Tropina There is no right time to write a blog post on your personal impressions about important landmarks achieved at the ICANN meetings. During the meeting you have no time for anything than reflecting the history in your

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‘Internet Architecture & Human Rights’

‘Internet Architecture & Human Rights’ Facts: The panel on ‘Internet Architecture & Human Rights,’ partially sponsored by ICANN, was held on Friday, 29 January 2016 during the conference ‘Computers, Privacy and Data Protection’,[1] which is the largest privacy conference, attracting

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